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Click on the chart number to download a portable document format pdf of the chart. If you are interested in seeing these amazing animals on your hawaii vacation, peak whale watching season is maui is january to march. Beachside services four seasons resort oahu at ko olina. The best whale watching in hawaii often happens on oahus shores. Generally speaking, december to may is seen as the best time for whale watching in oahu and the rest of hawaii. The whale watching season in kauai runs from november through march. Our big, spacious boat and can follow the whales in comfort, no matter where they roam, throughout the humpback whale sanctuary. December usually marks the start of humpback whale season in hawaii, but experts say the animals have been slow to return this year. Humpback whale watching season starts early in hawaii. Spotting humpback whales are one of the best winter activities in hawaii. Its humpback whale season in hawaii hawaii magazine. Hawaii nautical offers a large variety of boat tours throughout the island of oahu and on the big island of hawaii.

A number of speedboat, pontoon, and sailboat tours depart from areas around waikikiespecially from kewalo basin harbor opposite ala moana beach parkas well as from the north shore and the western leeward side of the island. The most wonderful time of the year is whale watching season in hawaii. We welcome oahus first four seasons property to the ko olina ohana. Makapuu lighthouse and hanauma bay offer several seaside overlooks that provide a distant vantage. Whales can be seen quite easily from most shorelines around the hawaiian islands. There are available whale watching tours or you can book a private boat to spot these magnificent creatures. The first humpback whale sighting this year in hawaii was on september 29th near the small island of niihau. Whale watching island divers hawaii oahus friendliest. Join us for a fun adventure as we go whale watching along kauais south shore to find the gentle giants of the sea. Hiking enthusiasts can usually spot whales from the islands southeastern coast. Boat tours may be your best option for viewing whales up close.

The first whale sightings of the year typically take place in late september or october while the peak of whale watching season is february and march. We offer each guest plenty of room to roam around, for the very best view of mauis humpback whales. Experience the beauty of kauai and the chance to see a spectacular humpback whale show with boat tours departing daily. Whale watching in hawaii hawaii holiday package deals. This popular humpback whale watching tour is featured during the height of hawaiis whale season january march, it is a favorite among wildlife enthusiasts. The whales dont have calendars though there are whales here now, and have been for a month. Whalewatching tours are the best way to learn about and get great photos of these breaching behemoths up close. Maui county is world famous as the destination for the pacific northwest humpback whales. Closer to the modern honolulu, whales can be seen off the cliffs surf break near diamond head. Embark on the most popular whale watch cruise of oahu. When is the best time to see humpback whales in hawaii and. Maui whale watch tours hawaii humpback whale watching. Other good islands to go whale watching are maui and kauai.

Flip nicklinminden pictures the sanctuary ocean count provides hawaii residents and visitors with the opportunity to actively participate in evaluating the status of humpback whales. Hi we are staying on turtle island and want to do a whale watching tour can you tell me which one is the best. Whale watching waikiki coast star of honolulu tour. This is only the groups third encounter with the killer whales even though they have been monitoring the hawaiian waters for 14 years killer whales are one of 18 marine mammals found in the hawaiian waters however many of these are rare and never seen. It takes hours of filming due to a large mass of ocean to scan over the.

Winter on the islands means humpback whale mating season. Whale watching tours and cruises depart from various ports along oahu s southern and western harbors. Enjoy the beach in oahu and the sea with these complimentary beachside. You can learn more about them and noaas hawaiian islands humpback whale national marine sanctuary. Whale watching season whales have platelike bristles known as baleen in their mouths instead of teeth, and they feed on krill and schools of small fish such as herring. Scientists estimate that twothirds of the entire north pacific humpback whale population return to hawaii to breed, calve and nurse their young. Humpback whale heat run, oahu hawaii whale watching wild. You can also spot whales from oahu s many beaches and from southeastern oahu spots like the scenic makapuu lighthouse, hanauma bay, and along the seaside overlooks near leahi diamond head. The pdf files are very large and may require considerable. Whale watching boat tours and diy guide big island. Here in the hawaiian islands, however, the white clumps of water that signify winter are found in splashes and spouts, when between 10,000 and 15,000 humpback whales arrive in hawaii for the holidays. If you want to see whales from oahu your best bet would be to take some kind of boat tour.

Below you will find our top ten viewing locations by island. For any chance at all it would be from a boat tour. We recommend heading out on whale watching tour to get the best views possible, and to experience the beauty of the ocean. Hawaiian islands humpback whale explore whale watching. We are proud to offer whale watching tours from maui, kauai, oahu, and.

Like placebets said your chances of seeing humpback whales from oahu in november are slim to none. Humpback whale heat run, oahu hawaii whale watching our favorite whale encounters are those being mugged or in the midst of a heatrun, competitive humpback whales a gigantic version of extreme whale dating. Whale watching tours and cruises depart from various ports along oahus. The baffling mystery of hawaiis disappearing humpback. These majestic creatures migrate here, and they enjoy playing in the open waters. Ive seen a few from my home on the north shore of kauai. Star of honolulu is the best vessel for viewing whales. Every ticket supports active marine research and the whale entanglement response team. Here during the winter months, the pacific hawaiian humpback whales come to the islands to mate and give birth to their young. Each year, over 4,500 humpback whales migrate from cool alaskan waters to their warmwater breeding and birthing grounds here in hawaii. Star of honolulu waikikis best whale watch cruise from. You may also spot kohola from the southern shores of oahu, especially at makapuu. Humpback whales come to hawaii between november and april whale season, and the big island is our favorite of the hawaiian islands to go see the whales. Our lead boat, maui princess, is the largest, most uncrowded whale watching boat on maui.

Whale watching hawaii oahu year round whale watch oahu. See if you can spot the whales as you watch this tour out honolulu harbor along waikiki beach in beautiful oahu, hawaii. Go here from your mobile device and click your account to create a user login. If no whales are sighted during your cruise guests can go out again for free. Its such a delight to see a humpback whales spout breath, or tail break the oceans surface, and absolutely thrilling to see a whale breach by jumping out of the water and creating a big splash. But humpback whales visit the hawaiian islands every year from november to may, so its possible that you can see whales outside of. Whale season arguably the best time to visit hawaii given the level of activity in the water, whale watching season in hawaii is arguably one of the most popular times to visit, and if you venture out on the water in winter on a whale watching tour or a kayak, be sure to have your camera ready and a healthy sense of.

And for those lucky enough to experience this once in a lifetime influx of such extraordinary creatures these sea stars offer performances worthy of oscars, it is truly a. If you are serious about seeing humpback whales in their hawaiian mating and calving grounds, the last couple weeks in february and the whole month of march are the best times to be here. Hawaiis humpback whale season technically begins in november when the gargantuan mammals make the long journey from cold north pacific ocean seas to calve in hawaiis famously warm waters. This is the safest and most comfortable way to experience up. Its such a delight to see a humpback whale s spout breath, or tail break the oceans surface, and absolutely thrilling to see a whale breach by jumping out of the water and creating a big splash. Humpback whale season is around november march in oahu and they are just. Whale watching season begins in hawaii luxe travel hawaii. Hawaii is a popular destination for whale watching because, during mating season, humpback whales are more active resulting in elevated surface activity. We boarded the large, comfortable boat at the maalaea harbor and knew it would be a special trip. Their migration crosses 3,100 miles of ocean each season. The maui ocean centers aquarium and whale watch experience launched on tuesday, jan. Courtesy of a research hydrophone, you can listen to live whale song through the vessel stereo system. When we visit hawaii during humpback whale season, we spend just about every spare moment whale watching.

Just like hawaiis visitors, these gigantic sea creatures are drawn to the warmer waters during winter where they migrate for breeding and birthing. Its whalewatching season in hawaii, and these creatures. The sanctuary serves to protect humpback whales and their habitat within hawaii. Fivestar four seasons resort oahu at ko olina balances a classic hawaiian style with. Both tours are truly dedicated to the oahu whale watching experience, and expert naturalists share insightful information and educational commentary on the humpback whales behavior and biology.

Ask a question reserve now in the winter months, a trip to the island is not complete without a kauai whale watching tour. They only would come to hawaii when they knew they could see whales, usually around february. Oahu whale watching tours are a particular delight for visitors coming to hawaii to escape the winter chill and the humpback whales seen on these whale watches. Board a special whale watch cruise from waikiki beach to see these majestic sea creatures while enjoying soda and snacks onboard.

Turtle, 20150118 on monday, january 5, 2015 my husband, son, and i went on the whale watch cruise out of the haleiwa harbor. At birth, whale calves can weigh up to 3,000 pounds and are between 10 and 15 feet in length. Whale season in hawaii it takes lots of patience and time for me to share these wonderful graceful creatures with you. Every winter, over 5,000 humpback whales travel from alaska to hawaii.

Years before we moved to hawaii, my husbands family would come to hawaii in the winter to see whales. The humpback whale season in maui lasts from november to may of every year. Whale watching in oahu a breathtaking adventure in hawaii. Enjoy a day on the ocean with an oahu whale watching excursion during your visit. Choose from four tours to fit your itinerary from early morning to deluxe midday cruises with breakfast and lunch options. Nearly extinct in the mid 1960s, the humpback population has grown with global whaling bans but are still considered endangered. Operators on oahu, maui, hawaii island and kauai provide a variety of cruises. Nothing beats the aweinspiring beauty of the waianae coast, except maybe the equally stunning and diverse wildlife. Due to the evolving covid19 situation, and as a result of the travel restrictions implemented by the state of hawaii, four seasons resort oahu at ko olina will. You can also spot whales from oahus many beaches and from southeastern oahu spots like the scenic makapuu lighthouse, hanauma bay, and along the seaside overlooks near leahi diamond head. As many as 10,000 whales winter in island waters, a good number of them visible. During this time literally thousands of pacific humpback whales make their journey from the cold waters off alaska to hawaiis warm waters to mate, breed and raise their young. A pod of four killer whales, orca whales, was found by cascadia research collective on friday 111 off the coast of kona hawaii.

Oahu whale watching whale watching honolulu barefoot tours. It was very early in the season and we did not see any whales which was disappointing, but also kind of expected when you are relying on creatures of nature as they are never predictable. According to noaa, the peak season for whale watching in oahu is january to march. Waikiki, hi waikiki is a beachfront neighborhood of honolulu, on the south shore of the island of oahu, in hawaii, united states. Its both exhilarating and unnerving every time it happens.

While the best hawaiian island for whale watching is said to be maui, theres a chance you can see whales in oahu too if you go during whale season. They come with expert guides who will take you to the best spots to observe whales playfully surfacing, tail slapping, or blowing spouts in. Just as our idyllic weather welcomes tourists from around the world, the warm and shallow waters surrounding the hawaiian islands are a favorite destination for kohola, or humpback whales. Whale watching cruises are some of the most popular and fun things to do in hawaiis whale season, which runs from december through april. North shore winter whale watch sailing from haleiwa. You can listen to the whales under water, spot them from. Get involved sanctuary ocean count hawaiian islands. There is nothing like seeing a humpback whale up close and will be something that you remember forever.

Seeing a flukeup dive and moms with calves get the oohs and aahs. Officially, whale season in hawaii runs from december 15may 15, although the first whale of the season. A humpback whale was spotted in western hawaii on thursday, aug. Island divers hawaii whale watching charter is the only charter on oahu which conducts their tours inside the hawaiian islands humpback whale national marine. Whale watching on oahu graceful and gentle giants of the ocean, arching, breaching, and frolicking, hawaii s humpback whales take center stage during whale season.

Take a trip to the beach or a scenic lookout and watch for the blows, pec slaps, flukeup dives, and breaches of hawaiis humpbacks. Oahu whale watching tours hawaii tours hawaii activities. Our fast and safe rafting vessels are low to the water and perfect for close whale watching encounters and small groups making every seat a front row seat. I spent my birthday whale watching on the pride of maui. Whale season is between the 15th of december until the 15th of may. Get in touch with your wild side and meet your finned counterparts on whale and dolphin encounters hawaiis year round whale watching of other marine mammals the clear temperate waters of hawaii are known worldwide amongst marine biologists, for an array of whale. It is estimated that more than 10,000 of these whales migrate to the hawaiian islands each year during the winter, in search of a warmer climate. They race more than 3,000 miles from the gulf of alaska to hawaii, then stay for a lengthy vacation, frolicking just off our shores and delighting spectators from december through may. Its very protected, said bill unruh, lead naturalist for atlantis adventures whale watch cruises off waikiki on the island of oahu.

Island divers brought whale listening to the tour industry in the 201112 season. Hawaiian islands humpback whale marine life top 10. Snorkel tours and dolphin watches are offered in the mornings and the afternoons and in addition they offer sunset sails, dinner cruises, scuba and snuba options, whale watching in season and private charters. Each year, the great humpback whales migrate some 4,500 miles, from summer feeding grounds in alaska, to mate in the warm waters of hawaii. You can get up with the sun or sip a cocktail as it sets on a luxury catamaran, swim with dolphins or snorkel with turtles, listen to whale song broadcast by hydrophone, catch the photo of a lifetime on a photo safari tour. Whale watching on oahu graceful and gentle giants of the ocean, arching, breaching, and frolicking, hawaiis humpback whales take center stage during whale season. Head for the coastlines of all hawaiian islands right now.

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