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Voice activated usb spy bug dvr new upgraded version of tiny a31 black color. Edicmini tiny a77 digital voice recorder 4gb spy shop. In our new development item we surpassed our own record listed in the guinness book of records edicmini tiny a31 29x15x12 mm. A77 has the same size, but at the same time many technological advantages and. Spy shops edic mini tiny a31 mini spy voice recorder. Edic mini micro digital recorders russian spy bugs. The edicmini tiny digital voice recorder is used for covert pr ofessional voice recording.

Bugmini products are very tiny audio recorders which used to collect audio in a wide range of applications. All necessary software located in memory of voice recorder. Miniature size and only 7 grams of weight allow to. This is new super edicmini tiny a31 300 hours the smallest voice recorder in the world with the topquality recording. This model features record time from 300 to 1200 hours depending on builtin memory volume and selected quality settings. A77 this is new upgraded version of worldfamous recorder edicmini tiny a31, which is the guinness book of records winner. Audio recorder spy software anti spy audio recorder there are 25 products. Geplaatst in spyshop nieuws and edic mini tiny recorders. Edicmini tiny a31 short operating instructions pdf download. Microphone amplifies quiet signals and mutes the loud ones, which helps to expand the dynamic range.

Anleitung zum edicmini tiny a31 digital voice recorder ca. Voice recorders of edicmini tiny family is used by special services. The edic mini tiny series is the guinness world records winner. Us stock new micro edic mini tiny a77 150 hours spy bug. Digital voice recorder edic mini tiny plus a75 150 hq spy shop. This recorder is, in fact even smaller, than its predecessors the guinness world records winners. A77 has the same size, but at the same time many technological advantages and improvements was applied. Edicmini tiny a31 russian spy micro 300h recorder guinness world records. Edic mini voice recorder,140h recording spy digital voice. The program is available for windows xpsp2 and sp3windows vista and windows 7. The rec manager for edicmini tiny is an application that works with. Digital voice recorder edicmini tiny b22300h russian. Mikrodiktafon a77 with the included software can be set to record once on a. Mini voice recorder with long lasting battery edic a83 the edic mini a83 is a professional compact audio recorder that records up to 200 hours in a single charge.

Edic mini voice recorder hour, edic mini tiny voice recorders. Cheap digital voice recorder, buy directly from china brand spy mini usb. The edicmini tiny series is the guinness world records winner. Edicmini tiny has highly sensitive builtin microphone, a wide frequency range 1000hz, and wide dynamic range. Edicmini tiny a31s voice recorder in the case of the. Digital audio spy recorder edicmini tiny b22300h russian professional miniature digital voice recorder. Froo frooition selling manager applications, ebay design, ebay store design, ebay shop design, ebay template design. This voice recorder is from the russian brand edic mini and has the edic mini tiny a31 as model name. A miniature voice recorder is a perfect tool for both professional and amateur use. Amazon platinum mastercard amazon classic mastercard amazon money store. All the new recorders have the latest software version and there is no. This model has been modernized and now has a case, which significally widens the application sphere of the device. Professional voice recorder edic mini tiny16 a75 is the thinnest among the recorders of the tiny16 series 77x27x4 mmand it weighs only 12 grams. Edicmini tiny a31 short operating instructions pdf.

Mini magnetic hidden audio voice recorder 600 hours recording your favorite store mini, voice. See more ideas about voice recorder, digital and the voice. Digital voice recorder edicmini tiny a31 300hr 2gb guinness. Digital voice recorder edicmini tiny a31 300hr 2gb guinness record. Edicmini tiny a31 is guinness book of records winner the smallest you will be surprised, when you take it, as it is the size and weight of a coin. This solution will help to avoid situations when rechargeable battery or batteries get low at the. Unfollow edic mini recorder to stop getting updates on your ebay feed.

When downloading to edicmini tiny a31 pc through a usb port, you can tell the microdot to download with or without sound space between voices and download the evidence with time and date stamping. Page 2 to set the recorders parameters to administrate the recorders. The main advantage of s78 is that in addition to the builtin rechargeable battery, it has 2 solar cells. B20h, b21600h, b211200h the last digits in the models name show the maximum recording duration in hours sampling rate 8 k hz, 2 bit adpcm please note. Spy shops edic mini tiny a31 mini spy voice recorder youtube. Edicmini tiny s3e59 300h, edicmini tiny s3e59 600h, edicmini tiny s3e59 1200h, edicmini tiny s3e59 2400h, edicmini tiny s3e59 3600h last digits in the models name specify the maximum recording duration in hours. Because the recorder will keep in standby mode, up to 3 months, so it is suitable for longterm monitoring space. Voice activation system allows you to save memory and battery power of recorder through a. Edicmini tiny voice recorder a31 spy spyshop spy3k. Prisluskovalna naprava edicmini tiny a77 digitalni.

Edicmini tiny a31 is powered from lipol rechargeable battery and uses very low power. Professional miniature digital audio recorder edicmini tiny a31. Its dimensions are 37 15 7 mm, and weighs only 7 grams. Discreet spy voice audio recorders, small and long lasting batteries, buy from australias premium spy surveillance products and equipment suppliers since 2005. Edicmini tiny a31 digital voice recorder sicherheitstechnik. Improving intelligibility of recordings, noise reduction, etc builtin tips for easy operation. Page 1 short operating instruction for edicmini tiny a31 300h600h1200h the edicmini tiny a3 digital recorder is a pro fessional device that provides high quality voice recording on to builtin flash memory. A p p r o v e d t h e k e e p e r of t h e r e c o r d s recording time. These voice recorders feature really unique characteristics the worlds smallest size, maximum autonomy, high acoustic sensitivity etc. B21 and a31 models were registered in guinness world records as the worlds smallest professional audio recorders. Neopets 2003 usul voice activated interactive electronic toy pet very rare new.

Owing to standard battery as a power supply, b76 is flexible and effective in operation. The software enables the user to easily set up the recording quality, and the time of recording as well as configure multiple functions depending on the. The product was designed by the reputable tsmarket brand which specializes in production of very high quality electronic devices offering long recording time. The a77 model is equipped with sensitive electronics which ensures clear sound in recording from even 12 meters distance. The recorder can be used for audio recording and as a flash drive for saving files of any formats. Apr 2, 2014 digital voice recorder, also known as digital recording stick or digital recorder, a digital recording device, in order to improve the recording quality and ease of operation, the modeling is not to simply penbased, easy to carry with. Longterm voice recorder edic a79 spttsma79 spytronic. Interactive presentationpresentation softwareteacher toolsteacher. Record time memory capacity in hours, 300h, 600h, 1200h.

B70 edic mini voice recorder 150 hour, edic mini tiny. By continuing to use this site you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookies policy. Voice recorders of the edic mini tiny series are professional devices, intended for making high quality record of voice messages into the builtin flash memory. This is the tiniest recorder in the world, enabling it to conduct recording from builtin rechargeable battery. Mikrodiktafon a77 with the included software can be set to record once on a particular date and time, or repeatedly, for example.

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