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Prices including delivery for jannah jewels book 3. As a teacher of mine always says, the quran is your lantern to light your way when you are commanded to cross the siraat and the power of its light is entirely in your hands. Dont forget to subscribe my channel to get upcoming episodes first. The series draws attention to centuries of cultural, scientific and groundbreaking achievements from the islamic heritage in an informative, yet cool and engaging way. Free books planet ebook pdf download download ebook in pdf and epub. The first book in the jannah jewels series sets the scene for the adventures of four young muslim girls.

The jannah jewels land in the ancient city of timbuktu in mali. Suddenly, they are caught in the middle of a mystery. They were promised paradise and all that their hearts desire. Jannah jewels book 10, intrigue in india islamic book fairs. Sign up for the newsletter and receive the first two chapters of jannah jewels book 1 the treasure in timbuktu. In book 7 of the jannah jewels adventure series, they travel back in time to the conquest of constantinople and find themselves right in the middle of it. Who exactly is the treasure king and can the jannah.

In book 6 of the jannah jewels adventure series, they travel to. Caught in a lightning thunderstorm, they must sail in raging waters to retrieve a rare medicine plant. In the tenth book of the jannah jewels adventure series, they travel back in time to. While following clues, they find the grand mosque and discover the treasure king. Goodwordkidz quran stories for little hearts by saniyasnain khan. Episode 2 prologue part 1 of jannah jewels book reading series. In the second book of the jannah jewels series, the girls are caught and thrown aboard the ship of zheng he, the famous chinese muslim admiral. The stories focus on stories about the prophets peace be upon them all. This book series teaches quranic lessons to young children. Jannah jewels is a chapter book series for young readers focusing on islams rich history. Sep 10, 2018 section 9 the book of food section 10 the book of fasting section 11 the book of livelihood section 12 the book of ornaments. Jannah jewels books, islamic books for kids, muslim.

Intrigue in india volume 10 gbb010 the jannah jewels travel back in time to india, where they hope to. Youth conference 2011 diamonds in the rough may 2830, 2011 hartford, ct jewels of jannah, asiya r. Purchase jannah jewels books here, or click on the image below. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Courage in cordoba by umm nura 2015, paperback at the best online prices at ebay. Jun 29, 2012 jannah jewels is a chapter book series written by sister umm nura for young readers focusing on islams rich history. Give a child an unforgettable reading adventure with the jannah jewels chapter books.

Let your kids explore this educational and fun jannah jewels world map. Find out more about how jannah jewels started and how it can benefit your child. Evidence in egypt volume 11 gbb011 the jannah jewels travel back in time to egypt, aspiring to uncover. In the tenth book of the jannah jewels adventure series, they travel back in time to ancient india in the th century. American muslim mom the first and top ranked blog for muslim moms in the world. Jannah jewels book 2 by umm nura, 9780986720833, available at. Patience amidst difficulties, loyalty in the face of distrust, purity of the heart. My seven year old daughter is a reluctant reader and i felt sad that she was missing out on this experience. In the first book of the jannah jewels adventure series, hidayah, iman, jaide, and sara, time travel to timbuktu, mali in the th century. Jannah jewels book 6 mystery in morocco isbn 0986720895 isbn. Oct 25, 2011 i came across the jannah jewels adventure series by complete accident searching for some information about the gates of heaven.

The chase in china paperback by umm nura and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. Jan 20, 2018 jannah jewels books, islamic books for kids, muslim homeschooling aysha anastasia izg. On their quest for the first artifact, a missing manuscript, the jewels meet the golden king mansa musa and learn all about the world traveller ibn battuta. Jannah jewels book 3 bravery in baghdad episode 2 youtube. In book 6 of the jannah jewels adventure series, they travel to the city of fes in morocco. They learn about the great conqueror, sultan muhammad ii and about the wonderful companion named abu ayub al ansari. Islamic studies for kids muslim homeschoolers unite. When we all make our journeys across the siraat a bridge to get to jannah on the day of judgement, our good deeds will serve as a light and enable us to cross with ease. The jannah jewels world began in 2009 and were created to bring forth relatable, godloving muslim characters into childrens chapter books. The 100 jewels of hadith is compiled with the intention of benefiting the student of knowledge who may want to memorize at least 40 hadith in their lifetime. Young readers are taken into a dazzling talent festival in which hidayah has to compete and win if they are ever going to get back home. The jannah jewels chapter books are an exciting new islamic adventure series designed for young learners that is informative, exciting and cool. Are you from a full time or weekend islamic school. A 12 book chapter book series with adventure, timetravel, mystery, wholesome values and islamic history.

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