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Sitchin attributed the creation of the ancient sumerian culture to the anunnaki, which he stated was a race of extraterrestrials from a planet beyond neptune called nibiru. Books later researchers have argued that the conclusion from the human genome sequencing consortium cannot be drawn due to a lack of a comprehensive gene database for comparison. He cited the work of sitchin and others to support his assertion. One of the few scholars able to read and interpret ancient sumerian and akkadian clay tablets, zecharia sitchin 19202010 based his bestselling the 12th planet on texts from the ancient civilizations of the near east. He uses the epic of creation enuma elish as the foundation for his cosmogonyidentifying the young xecharia marduk, who overthrows the older regime of gods and creates the earth, as the unknown twelfth planet. Awing the wonders with an entirely new understanding than the tired, worn out assumptions of anthropology and boxed religious rantings. Heiser states he has found many inaccuracies in sitchin s translations and challenges interested parties to use this book to check their validity. Eaas it suits sitchin, is sometimes planet neptune and sometimes a spaceman. He cited the work of sitchin and others to support his. Segundo planeta procura fornecer narrativamente ao leitor as respostas as questoes especificas. Drawing both widespread interest and criticism, his controversial theories on the anunnaki origins of humanity have been translated into more than 20. Sitchin, zechariael 12 planeta descargar libros cristianos, libros. Zecharia sitchin cronicas tierra libro 12 planeta anunnaki. Traduction francaise par francois fargue et patricia.

According to sitchin, enki the sumerian god of water and human culture suggested that to relieve the anunnaki, who had mutinied over their dissatisfaction with their working conditions, that primitive workers homo sapiens be created by genetic. Nao, afirma o pesquisador zecharia sitchin, um erudito historiador especializado em linguas arcaicas. The gods can cross galactic distances, but by the time they get to peru, their spaceships are zechafia as world war ii prop jobs that need an enormous landing strip. I traveled to peru after reading the first three books in the 12th planet series. Em o decimo segundo planeta, eu procurei decifrar uma sofisticada. Jpt rated it liked it sep 04, paulo henrique rated it liked it jan 23, also, the work is victorious in the sense that it successfully manages to merge the world of ancient mythology with that. According to sitchin s interpretation of mesopotamian iconography and symbolism, outlined in his book the 12th planet and its sequels, there is an undiscovered planet beyond neptune that follows a long, elliptical orbit, reaching the inner solar system roughly every 3, years. Ships from and sold by stars and stripes bookstore. Jul 12, 2009 sitchin fills in some of the blanks and it makes absolute sense.

Libro nuevo o segunda mano, sinopsis, resumen y opiniones. Paradoksem historii jest fakt, ze im bardziej oddalamy sie w czasie od zamierzchlych epok, tym wiecej o nich wiemy. Naval observatory, which sitchin uses to planetta his thesis, is no support at all. Sep 12, 27 oct reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. Al encontrarse cerca del planeta tierra decidieron explorarlo.

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