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Carrefour and bnp paribas drive efficiency in global trade finastra. Supply chain sustainability risk is related to events that can lead to negative social andor environmental impacts on a supply chain. This is a brief introductory tutorial that explains the methodologies applied in the rapidly growing area of supply chain management in. Global supply chain management is most crucial to the competitiveness of global retailers, such as walmart, carrefour, etc. Carrefour group supply chain strategy pdf free download. Suppliers of carrefour brand products must comply with the supplier commitment charter detailed in section 2. Face au vuca, une transformation demand driven endtoend menee avec le sourire. Pdf how carrefour revolutionizing supply chain management. Supply chain minded is a very active and fast growing online supply chain community. In this article, we focused on the walmart and carrefour s supply chain management strategies in china, introduced the supply chain. Pdf the rise of the blockchain technology in agriculture.

Material and information flow both up and down the supply chain. France hypermarkets belgium france multi format these countries logistics. Now, lian hua is a leader in chains retailing industry, having more than 3500 chain stores. Carrefour sells control of china business at a discount. For carrefour, this threeway partnership is a continuation of its programme, act for food, that works towards the food transition, and its desire to promote blockchain. Carrefour rspo annual communications of progress 2017 retailers form retailers operational profile 1. At carrefour, the supply chain teams were already well aware of the stakes, and there was real interest and drive, so the effort could be set up quickly. Real estate jv created in h1 2016 and dedicated to carrefour supply chain in france comprises around one third of carrefours distribution centers 16 locations of which 4 contributed by carrefour 32%held by carrefour along with coinvestors carrefour manages and is the sole tenant of cargo benefits for carrefour. Carrefour supply chain showcases gendrive powered lift truck.

In his first job, walton had displayed the qualities of a good salesman. May 08, 2011 this was a part of carrefour s strategy to adapt itself to the local conditions by customizing its operations, the merchandize mix and even store formats. After posting the news feed of new products on online store social media platforms, the followers would vote for the goods by placing orders or simply clicking like. Supply chain management is a key of retail enterprises survival and development.

Eras are vital to the european value chain eras contribute to creating a european single market for sourcing of products. Carrefour is rallying the suppliers in its main commodities supply channels wood, paper, palm oil, soy beans, cattle farming and is committed to ensuring product traceability. Short food supply chains sfcs have potential to improve farm incomes. Carrefour is committed to reach 100% certified palm oil according to rspo standard in its own brand products by 2015. Cewebrity agent then has to liaise with oem for production. The decision to implement ortec was made with the goal of streamlining. Challenges for sustainable supply chain management. Carrefour then approached other companies active in gs1 france work groups to discuss opportunities to move forward together. There are s till many issues a nd challeng es that need t o be solve d, not only a t technica l level. Supply chain management, carrefour, uae uluslararasi. Overall commitment carrefour works with its suppliers to. The theory behind the method by hernan david perez is licensed under a creative commons attributionnoderivs 3. By implementing ican, carrefour aimed at integrating its stores, distribution centers and supply chain partners in various countries. Case study research in supply chains an outline and three.

Real estate jv created in h1 2016 and dedicated to carrefour supply chain in france comprises around one third of carrefours distribution centers 16 locations of which 4 contributed by carrefour 32%held by carrefour along with coinvestors carrefour manages and is the sole tenant of. It provides the customers with the great variety of the household goods, highquality products, and food brands. A case study of lianhua 521 convienience stores, which are polynary complementation and progradation. Innovative short food supply chain management european. A new scenario which tends to propose more flexible solutions.

Walmarts supply chain management practices 3 background note walton was born in 1918 at kingfisher, oklahoma, us. Carrefour stands out as one of the largest and most successful hypermarket chains. Supply chain management 14 decembre 2004 carrefour meeting fournisseurs 9 two complementary strategic lines an incremental scenario which relies on the existing practices. After graduating from the university of missouri in 1940, walton worked for the famous retailer, j c penney. Download the group supply chain strategy presented on june 11th 2007 carrefournet, the supplier portal of carrefour group, aims at offering more transparency on the processes and tools used to exchange information between carrefour and its business. In 1999 dell was known to be one of the usas number one best pc selling companies and number two globally.

Among others, these departments include our supply chain, strategic sourcing, materials, logistics, retail, corporate facilities, planning, and finance teams. Real estate jv created in h1 2016 and dedicated to carrefour supply chain in france comprises around one third of carrefour s distribution centers 16 locations of which 4 contributed by carrefour 32%held by carrefour along with coinvestors carrefour manages and is the sole tenant of cargo benefits for carrefour. Analysis of challenges of medical supply chains in sub. Nov 05, 2010 carrefour erp systems implemented by carrefour backed by eds generix is the main supply chain software provider. Gli essenziali the service, called gli essenziali, allows shoppers to order the kits online through a dedicated platform, and can have them delivered within four days throughout the italian territory, except islands, or within two days if theyre. Group organization, systems and supply chain 3 supply chain department suppliers relationship introduction your presence as partners and suppliers is important. Analysis of supply chains in the consumer packaged goods industry. We aim to inform and connect professionals active in supply chain, purchasing, manufacturing, warehousing, transport, distribution.

The coverage of distribution costs by logistics discounts is a supply chain good management rule. Supply chain management is the integration of key business processes from end user through original suppliers that provides products, services, and information that add value for customers and other stakeholders 3. The decision to implement ortec was made with the goal of streamlining distribution flows and reducing transport costs. Carrefour enters agreement to develop organic agriculture. What challenges do retail alliances raise and what. Analyse the existence of empirical evidence on the application of discriminatory margins by retail companies in favour of retailer own brands robs and to the detriment of manufacturer brands mb c. Supply store faster and more costeffectively the challenge control costs by rationalising and streamlining fragmented, manual processes for getting business documents such as forms and stationery to 2,200 supermarket stores. Cewebrity economy in china 2 supply chain of fashion e. Aug 30, 2017 supply chain management yang ada di carrefour tugas besar scm 2016 s1 sistem informasi telkom university. How prezi does project status updates with a distributed workplace. Evaluate the effect on endprices and innovation caused by the. This underperforming sector needs to urgently organise to learn from the few leading companies, like thai union, aldi south group, bumble bee foods, clover leaf seafoods and metro ag, on how to take robust action to eliminate slavery from their supply chains.

As contamination scandals continue to rage through europe, french supermarket giant carrefour has announced a number of initiatives to improve the traceability and quality of its supply chains. Carrefour supply chain showcases gendrive powered lift. Integration of 3pl and logistics capabilities of carrefour and suppliers warehouse management system provided by generix. The minimized environmental footprint of this report is the result of an extensive, collaborative effort of walmart and our supply chain partners. Nike does not own a complete manufacturing facility in any part of the world, but gets all its products manufactured by subcontracting in various parts of the world. Starting with only a 100 computers as a personal company of a student called. Prepare a plan for the company to effectively integrate its supply chain operations across borders.

At supply chain level, this business model added complexity and costs. Plug, a leading provider of energy solutions that change the way the world moves, joined carrefour and other important stakeholders in the logistics. But, if the world could see all of the hardworking, wellintentioned people inside. Analysis of supply chains in the consumer packaged goods. Reduce the amount of time spent by multiple carrefour departments involved in these processes. Not having the product available, onshelf for purchase can be a lost of sale for both the manufacturer and carrefour. Head of finance and administration for the merchandise group, carrefour. At auchan, empowerment to launch this sort of project was not a. Eras seek to offset territorial supply constraints tscs imposed by large fmcg suppliers, negotiate on a level playing field, help counter pressure from large fmcg.

A conceptual framework february 7, 2012 this paper is a first step in our research to understand the role of innovation in supply chain management, and it is intended to serve as a starting point for understanding and examining the concept. An analysis of supply chain best practices in the retail. Evaluate the level of market power on the spanish food supply chain b. Analysis of supply chains in the consumer packaged goods industry by marcelliott finkelstein master of business administration university of toronto 2004 submitted to the zaragoza logistics center on may 16, 2005 for partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of master of engineering in supply chain management and logistics. This is the cornerstone of all blockchain applications rsecure trading of things, both physical and virtual, without middlemen and historical relationships. We are still reacting too slowly within the european countries whereas we must. Enhance supply chain efficiency create efficiencies in the supply chain scale, scope and span economies make the most of the eu internal market crossborder procurement provide euwide marketingpromotional opportunities for fmcg suppliers enhance retail competitiveness. Carrefour will positively influence concerned supply chain through appropriate practice in order to preserve biodiversity, to reduce associated greenhouse gas emissions and to ensure the respect of human rights. Modern slavery in pacific supply chains of canned tuna key recommendations.

Tuna companies supply chains are opaque, with only 20% 735 companies reporting they have mapped their supply chains in full. Jun 23, 2019 carrefour sa has agreed to sell an 80% stake in its china unit for 4. History and background of the organization, also including the types of products and product lines manufactured and industry in which the organization operates. The german discounter lidl now has stores in 26 countries, the south african chain shoprite in at least 16. Find out about some of the solutions implemented by carrefour and its partners to reduce co 2 emissions and help limit global warming. We recommend the definition of supply chain management developed and used by the global supply chain forum. Carrefour romania launches agricultural cooperative. Osa must be measured from the customers point of view.

The supply chain encompasses all activities associated with the flow and transformation of goods from raw materials stage extraction, through to the end user, as well as the associated information flows. We are implementing our supply chain strategy and we must carry it out together successfully. Carrefour supply chain showcases gendrivepowered lift truck fleet at grand opening in france 11262018 latham, n. Question 3 a carrefour is one of the most global retailers in the world. He realized the importance of building loyalty among.

For a better understanding, we intended to illustrate this concept with the case of walmart and carrefour in china. Carrefour ppt supply chain enterprise resource planning. The environmental and social impact continues to be an important consideration. It is printed on paper from wellmanaged forests containing recycled pcw fiber that is elementally chlorine free ecf. The power of utilizing blockchain technology in feed supply chain transactions is in allowing parties to trade in the absenceofa mediator or trusting relationship. Companies are generally failing to enforce their human rights standards in their supply chains with only 335 companies cascading modern slavery prohibitions throughout their entire supply chain. Practitioners and educators need a common definition of supply chain management, and a shared understanding of the processes. Pdf carrefour stands out as one of the largest and most successful hypermarket chains. Carrefour, which has already rolled out blockchain technology on several products in its carrefour quality lines since last year. Carrefour adopted a multiformat and multichannel retail strategy to meet the needs and preferences of its customer base. Competitive assessment of the spanish food supply chain.

Lian huas current business consists of big mall, standard supermarkets and. Finally, we discuss the commonality and transferability of walmart and s supply chain practices within the retail industry and across other industries. Knowing this point, carrefour china decided for the first time in the group history to create in china a foundation totally involved in food safety. In our supply chain, we are eliminating waste, using more renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions and making our items and the packages they come in healthier and more sustainable. This comprehensive research is the first, which compares literature to findings from semistructured interviews, based on supply chain challenges. Recent publications of environmental social sustainability reports or annual reports relating to the objectives and tasks of rspo.

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