Altivar 38 user manual

The altivar 38 has been designed for stateoftheart applications in heating, ventilation and air conditioning hvac in industrial and commercial buildings. Read and understand this document and all related documents see below before installing, operating, or maintaining your atv212. Altivar 31 programming manual, vvdedus on cd only catalog numbers refer to table 1. Atv61 programming manual en 1760649 09 schneider electric. In general, the drive power supply must be disconnected before any operation on either the electrical or mechanical manuual of the installation or machine. There is an application with altivar 38 with pump switching card where the auxiliary pump is driven by an altistart 48.

Atv58 trx drive controllers are designed for modularity, allowing you to. Since the altivar atv 71 was first launched, it has benefited from the addition of several new functions. This manual describes the differences between the altivar 61 and the altivar 38 and explains how to replace an altivar 38, including how to replace drives communicating on a bus or a network. Users of the altivar 28 range of variable speed drives enjoy numerous features. Position the selector switch on 50 or 60 hz, whichever corresponds to your motor. Validity note this documentation is valid for the altivar 32 drive. Northern industrial sell new and used telemecanique atv38hd33n4 variable speed drives and carry out reliable repairs. Altivar 32 variable speed drives for synchronous and asynchronous motors programming manual 032010 s1a28692 courtesy of steven engineering, inc. Reference ref page 37, monitoring mon page 38 and configuration. Atv 78atv 6171 migration manual this manual describes the differences between the altivar 6171 and altivar 78 and explains how to replace an altivar 78. Unlock and open the cover of the altivar to access the 5060 hz selector switch on the control card. It can be used to select the altivar 61 and its various options or accessories according to the hardware. Download documents for altivar 38 drives for pumps and fans from 0. Northern industrial supply new and refurbished telemecanique atv38hd28n4 vsds and carry out reliable repairs.

Quick start guide this document s1a10388 is delivered with the soft starter, and you can download it on quick start annex annex for ul 508 with sccr short circuit current ratings and branch circuit protection. Atv12 modbus communication manual bbv28590 this manual describes the assembly, connection to the bus or network, signaling, diagnostics, and configuration of the communicationspecific parameters via the 7 segment led display. Atv12 user manual bbv28581 this manual describes how to install, program and operate the drive. Users of the altivar 28 series of vsds enjoy many features. Schneider altivar 12 manual inverter drive supermarket. The altivar flex58 trx chassis drive controller is a family of. The purpose of this document is to show you how to configure the altivar 212 to use modbus for monitoring and control. Instruction bulletin raleigh, nc, usa altivar flex58 com. Manuals for modbus, canopen, ethernet, profibus, interbus, unitelway, fipio and modbus plus, etc. Vvded399062us r500 may 2000 raleigh, nc, usa instruction bulletin page 1 monday, june 19, 2000 11. Adjustable speed drive controllers users guide variadores. The purpose of this document is to help you replace an altivar 38 with an altivar 61 from version v1. Frequency inverters for 3phase asynchronous motors.

The old versions can be replaced by this new one without any modifications. Altivar 38 documents and downloads schneider electric. Variable speed drives atv930, atv950 programming manual. S1a28686 032010 5 safety information at a glance document scope the purpose of this document is.

Altivar process nha80757 082015 altivar process variable speed drives atv930, atv950 programming manual 082015. Atv38hd33n4 variable frequency drives have a wealth of features. Soft start soft stop unit user manual schneider electric. Part of the altivar 28 range, the atv38hcn4x is a 110 kw, 380. Altivar 38 manual 01 electrical connector relay scribd. There is also modbus connection where the master is a twido plc and the slaves are the atv38 and the ats 48. Schneider electric altivar 21 adjustable speed drive. What is the err7 fault on altivar atv58 keypad display. Atv71 programming manual en 1755855 07 alameda electric. It is the responsibility of the end user to ensure that the machine meets these standards. The altivar 38 is a category 4 repairable product for the sbs. Altivar 38 documents and downloads schneider electric global. Toutes les etapes ne sont pas obligatoires dans tous les cas. The altivar 66 family also includes optional peripherals.

Northern industrial sell new and refurbished telemecanique atv38hcn4x variable frequency drives and provide longlasting repairs. Atv31hn4 telemecanique altivar 31 ac inverter drive 0. Altivar 38 urun serisi, deiflik arlk ve boyutlarda 9 tip hz kontrol cihazn icerir. Atv38hd28n4 telemecanique altivar 38 22kw ac drive. User manual this manual describes how to install, commission, operate, and program the soft starter. Variable torque applications replacement of altivar 38 on the 380 v 480 v threephase range. Check that the reference of the speed controller on the label is the same as that on the delivery note and corresponds to the order form. The altivar 28 is a compact series that offers a variety of diverse features. Schneider telemechanique altivar 71 installation manual 0. Instruction bulletin raleigh, nc, usa retain for future use. The communication function provides access to the drives configuration, adjustment, control and monitoring functions. This documentation is valid for the altivar 212 modbus fieldbus. Scope this manual covers receiving, installation, and startup of the 460 v and 230 v lines of altivar 66 drive controllers. Variable speed drives for synchronous and asynchronous.

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